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What was the name of your dog ! And how old is he ? :)

his name is Gino and he just he’s 1year and 2 months old now <3 

Ain’t he a cutieboy :x

                        WORLD OF WARCRAFT 

so I could barely understand the ‘orc-ish’ English talk (sorry English isn’t my first language) so I had to call bf to tell me what they’re saying xD he told me to learn monster talk though :c

Don’t neglect me, 
I want you by my side,

so bf told me that the WoW WOD cinematics are coming out this Thursday x: he’s more excited than I am and he’d probably turn some scenes into gifs and told me to do the same :c not sure yet as I’m the lazy type lol this is like my second gif in less than a week because I felt like I was neglecting my precious followers. (I also have to figure out how to record a livestream TT~TT)


My doggypoo playing with bf

You are lucky , i can't even write straight on books with lines D:

lol that made me smile xD sorry .__.

hate when ppl say something is easy to draw when I can’t even write a sentence straight on lineless paper :c

I want to try playing WoW again , the last time i played it , was at 2011 (i think ) during the lich king era . I remember it cool and addictive but i've read that the new games are a bit different . what are the differences of the actual games and the lich king ? What do you think i should play?

I didn’t play WoW enough to know the differences x: however I’ll let my bf answer this one since he has been playing WoW longer than I do;

'If I was you I'd wait, I also played since Wrath of the Lich king and the game is vastly different, the level max was 80 then. It's now 90. Health pools were 30k being top tier for dps 50k for tank. Those are now 500k for dps 1,000,000 for tank. The numbers for both health and damage are completely different. If you're after a similar feeling to your old experience I'd recommend waiting for the expansion that will be out in a couple of weeks. The expansion features a stat crunch so we'll be seeing numbers much similar to wotlk or early cataclysm.'

"미랠 여는 열쇠 바로 니가 가진 걸
년보다 더 큰 꿈을 끌어안아"
'You have the key to open the future 
So have a dream that is bigger than a little boy’s'

larxiee replied to your post “finished doing my theme (✿◠‿◠)”

Liking your theme!

tyvm hun <3

finished doing my theme (✿◠‿◠)

                  THE WINGS OF AN ANGEL

done this quickly while me and bf were waiting for bgs to pop; anyway I’ve been lvling a healer druid however I won’t stick with it x: will swap to my lvl7x disc priest(that i lvled on my own) after this druid hits lvl 70 so I can continue playing with le bf c:

wish there was a nice graphical MMO out

                         FANCY A CUPCAKE?