ɴɪʟɪᴘɪᴇ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

spooky—julia replied to your photo “that 60k hp  my human looks ugly TT~TT ”

They look awful now! My humans look like dwarves with bigger bodies -.-

that’s what I thought lol; their bodies got bigger and none of the faces please me; like almost all of them have a huge nose and the ones that don’t, I dont like the rest of the face TT~TT wish they gave us more option for the face instead of a full face template

that 60k hp 

my human looks ugly TT~TT 

                            B E    S T Y L I S H   

just got my zerg to lvl 10 and headed to main city; 

WoW-related: I’ll go back to WoW today I guess and either continue lvl up my warrior or wait till tmr’s patch and see what changes there are on my lvl90s chars (skills,talents, glyghs) and see what I’ll be main-ing on. 

I heard Prot Warrior + lvl100 dps talent has huge dmg and it’s also fun compared to Arms Warrior for WoD.

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not sure if I should renew WoW sub for the pre-expansion to gear up… dem gamer probs

one of the illegal trees my bf planted just got thunderstruck right infront of him =w= I never get thunderstrucks

         S T O R Y    C A P T U R E    W /      E M O J I S 

got my hasla weapon a  few days ago, got my 3 farms all set up and all I have to do now is to either farm honor points to get the pvp gem or buy it from the auction for 50g (≧◡≦)

Right now I’m caring more about money than gear x: so farm and traderuns are priority. Not sure when I’ll be doing dungeons just because I’m not in a guild and my bf might be planning to make a guild himself and invite 2 of his irl friends to do endcontent. 

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Is TEra f2p?
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yes it is c:

Walking Dead soon (◕‿◕)♡

                          N A T U R E 'S     G I F T 


So few days ago when mf bf purchased the 16x16 farm by some guy, he got a thunderlog tree from on the pinetrees that the previous owner planted the next day. Now today, my bf was looking for a place to plant a illegal farm and found another thunderlog tree which was unnamed. he then thought, he’d plant his illegal farm here as it was in the mountains and he said it took him a while to get up here and he said he was sure nobody else could ever go there. So he spent like 50g on pine and apple tress and planted them there and logged off. While after 1 hour he logged back on again, there were 2 people next to him and one pked him. The other stranger person tried to help my bf and killed the other guy who went bloodlust mode. Now my bf’s QQing that the place he chose ain’t that hard to find lol xD as he died, he tried to go back and told me how easy accessible it was to go there from another route he first took. anyway he got almost a 1k out of it; rght now he’s just looking for other places where he can plant his illegal farm. I’m too lazy to do that.. exploring etc. I still need to find a place for my 16x16 farm to place it somewhere either near my 8x8 farm or my thatched house but for now no luck and it’s also giving me a headache looking for a free space >W<

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                  M Y    H  O U S E  ヾ(^ω^*)

got my own house with the help of my boyfriend 

( ◡‿◡ ♡);

bf already has a Thatched farmhouse but he saw somebody selling for 500g but bf got him down to 300g. It was in a nice location with a lake view. The seller also had the 16x16 behind the house and was selling that for 70g. So bf bought it all and gave me his old house (paid 150g towards the 300g);

it has zero decoration xept now for a table with some ugly plushies but hopefully in the future I’ll make it nice when I feel spending some money c:

I also spammed it with apple trees (for trade runs), carrots (for my retarded donkey) and rye seeds to make ground grains (for trade runs)(⌒‿⌒)

sidenote: I illegally planted like 10 chicks in bushes and they all got killed (°ㅂ°╬) my poor babies

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H A S L A    R I F T 

finally hit lvl 50 yesterday night and now just figuring out how to get gear x: this token thing seems to like take forever TT~TT I only got about 7 for 2 hours farming for my weapon. However, I got lvling sorted so I’m happy and can relax ( ゚o⌒)

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just watched The Family Guy/Simpsons crossover c: that fightscene tho


Reached lvl 42 today on Archeage (´。• ᵕ •。`) 

bf also bought me and himself Patron for one month (mainly for the queue but there’s barely any huge queues now (⇀‸↼‶); still having Patron is nice as we can get to make money and then buy APEX for next month instead. 

I also hate hate hate the trade runs.. so boring TT¬TT and so little gold with my retarted donkey. He seems way too happy; kinda reminds me of the donkey in Shrek lol;

also this is such a lazy edit as I cba doing anything in Photoshop but I haven’t posted for awhile TT¬TT

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the power unit of my bf’s pc broke and I offered him my pc 24/7 so now he’s just abusing my pc for Archeage TT~TT anyway I got my laptop but  can’t really game because well.. it’s a laptop xD not like I mind though as t’s only for 2 days 

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did you see this? D: it’s $20 until oct 2nd….

I just checked and since I live in the UK it’s not on sales here TT~TT 32 pound so 52 dollars >w< ugh

thx for the help hun <3