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the power unit of my bf’s pc broke and I offered him my pc 24/7 so now he’s just abusing my pc for Archeage TT~TT anyway I got my laptop but  can’t really game because well.. it’s a laptop xD not like I mind though as t’s only for 2 days 

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did you see this? D: it’s $20 until oct 2nd….

I just checked and since I live in the UK it’s not on sales here TT~TT 32 pound so 52 dollars >w< ugh

thx for the help hun <3

ACNL is $20 on eshop.
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I’m not really sure how eshop works TT~TT eg if it is console bound? I’ll check more into it <3 tyvm anon

Hoping to get Animal Crossing New leaf for very cheap somewhere TT~TT

                          A little girl's wish

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                                     Don’t say those kind of sad things
While looking at me like this
Is it that I’m childish or a bit slow? [x]

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                                      It's too beautiful, 
beautiful day
Make it a good day
Just don't make me cry [x]

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꼭 꼭 감춰서 내 마음을 흔들까
You covered up your heart so well, shaking up my feelings 꼭 꼭 숨겨서 애태우기만 할까
You hide so well, making me anxious
알면서 모른 척 네 맘 숨기는 거야
You know but pretend not to, you’re hiding your heart

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junqristal replied to your post “having to chose between WoW, Tera and Archeage”

Don’t you have a favourite of the three ?m

Not really x:

If I want to play something graphical I’d play Tera but so much has happened since I last played and not sure if I can get into it again TT~TT

I will always return to WoW at some point because I love the gameplay and I should be lvling and gearing up my horde char for the upcoming expansion but I really can’t be bothered lvling in WoW atm :c

And Archeage has gigantic queues which puts me off playing. Not only that but I literally have no idea wht I’m doing in Archeage since there’s so much to do.

Dem first world problems  

having to chose between WoW, Tera and Archeage


Too soon for Halloween?

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I shouldn’t eat ramen at around 10pm but so hungry :c will regret it after I’m done eating lol

Darling of all hearts.

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meet Nili;

guys the queue for Archeage is huge 

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