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Too soon for Halloween?

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I shouldn’t eat ramen at around 10pm but so hungry :c will regret it after I’m done eating lol

Darling of all hearts.

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meet Nili;

guys the queue for Archeage is huge 

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just booked a trip for next month to visit my family for me and bf and ugh so expensive TT~TT almost 600 Euro for the both of us. 500 Euro alone for the flights and 100 for the train tickets to London where we get our flight. (my bf paid it all)

usually the flight costs me around 100-150euro per person but the company I’ve been flying with doesn’t do trips to my home country anymore :c


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You’ve got to weigh your wars 
make sure
you’re not fighting for nothing.

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My bf’s mum just texted him what to buy her for xmas… imo that’s just so wrong. (as sb who grew up in a Chinese family, I don’t get xmas. hell we don’t even celebrate bdays lol)

kariagonking replied to your post: so there’s this huge vehicle parked ou…

Where do you live? Where exactly is it parked and how close? Because in most cases you can get it removed legally if it’s interfering with your property.

I googled it before if it was legal to park outside the house if it isn’t like bothering a disabled person to get out or somebody having troubles getting out. Only thing I can is to like talk to my council and they will check on it x: the parking is free and not private so mostly they’re allowed to park but it’s just really annoying how out of nowhere this big car just takes like 2 parking spots lol ( my neighbours and mines). I get rides from my bf’s mum for shopping and we literally had to stop in the middle of the street so we could get out shopping out. Luckily it wasn’t a main street :x


>So I’d like to apologize to my followers for my lack of uploads but WoD is coming soon and I need to lvl 2 chars up to lvl 90 as I definitely want to play as a Horde when WoD hits lol (sexy Belf FTW); I’m slow as hell leveling up chars and I’d share dungeon runs with bgs.

Anyway I also need to like run lots of lvl 90 dungeons so I get enough points to buy all the heirlooms that I don’t have already as when WoD hits, you’ll have to buy heirlooms with gold and they aren’t cheap either like about 1k each for a piece. Do not have that much money TT~TT

so there’s this huge vehicle parked outside the house and it’s been bothering me especially as I said it is huge. Even though I don’t drive yet, what if i drove and was to park my car… I’m not going to park my car somewhere else other than infront of my house. This car hasn’t moved for like 2 days… =w=

having a massive headache TT~TT ugh 

so it’s about 1 am and I was hungry, asked bf to cook me something small and he gave me fried ramen w/ an egg and some chicken pieces. Ate it all and bf was like.. ‘btw I put 2 packs of ramen in there’ TT~TT nice 1k calories ugh why (on another note: it was delicious)

Your Touch, Your Smile, Your Scent.
I‘m Crazy For Your Love.

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